Friday, March 26, 2010

The Creation Museum

All images courtesy of Ashley Sumner.

The Creation Museum is located in Kentucky and is an excellent place for learners of all ages. The mission of this museum is to expose the truth of science, meaning it shows how a creation theory of the world is feasible, then goes on to prove this point. The founder of the museum is a hard-core creationist and has set his life's goal to showing people how evolution is not founded on proof of scientific facts.
The museum has a planetarium, book store, cafe, and a garden. It is an all-day adventure. In the garden, there are different things that go on; besides walking amongst the beautiful flowers and seeing hedge bush sculptures of various animals, one will come upon a petting zoo and also, if one dares...a snake show! The "snakeman" informs the audience of the dangers and interesting facts of a multiple variety of snakes. His big finale is his giant albino boa constrictor, which I got to hold. This museum is the perfect place to go for a field trip, family trip, or even a road trip!

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