Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Natural Science Museum

Ashley Sumner
January 26, 2010
The Natural Science Museum of the University of Southern Mississippi
The natural science museum, located on the campus of the University of Southern Mississippi is fairly interesting. This attraction caught my eye as I was walking past the building where it is located in Mississippi Hall. This attraction is located down in the basement and I just had to check it out. I was somewhat impressed by the steps leading me to the front door. The steps named the different ages that scientists say different dinosaurs existed; such as the Paleozoic age, Mesozoic age, etc. Finally, when I entered the doors, I was surprised to find a group of students studying there and I thought that they had good taste simply because I enjoy science. However, this was not what caught my eye.
What made me want to write about this place of scientific history that I just so happened upon is the fossils and the reptiles that are inside of this building. The first exhibit is the reptile exhibit where turtles and snakes roam in glass cages. I am guessing that one is able to hold the snakes because there was a sign that read “don’t mess with me now, I just ate”. The next exhibit that caught my eye is the fossil exhibit. This is a marine fossil adventure full of starfish, rays, mollusks, and all kinds of exciting sea creatures.
The next exhibit that I enjoyed is the one that told how the inside of a mollusk work and everything about the creatures. Also, there was an arachnid/insect exhibit. One had a cage with a tarantula and the other had insects pinned onto cardboard. The insects on this cardboard are that of beetles, locusts, centipedes, etc. There was also a nice aquarium at the end of my journey full of all sorts of enjoyable fish.
I enjoyed my visit to the Museum of Natural Science on this campus because I love animals, science, and marine life. I do wish they had more exhibits and more interaction; however, I feel that my time was not wasted.

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